Wild Fish Sushi in Arlington Heights

I met my great friend, Steph, for dinner this week. We are creatures of habit when it comes to dinner but decided to be brave and branch out for sushi this time around!

Wild Fish is a more contemporary sushi restaurant, with a beautiful decor and a great eye for the presentation of its dishes. Not to mention the food is delicious.

Amidst catching up on everything from work to vacation plans, Steph decided on a yummy looking specialty tuna maki and I went with the sake-don. Served with a tiny serving of miso soup and a forgettable salad, this was the best sake-don I’ve ever had. The perfectly sized portion is just the right mix of rice and fresh sliced salmon with lovely garnishes. Topped with some soy sauce this was fantastic. Per Steph’s suggestion, I just had to pull out my camera and take a quick pic:

And you can see Steph’s dish in the back!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Wild Fish and look forward to stopping in again sometime soon. While it’s not the most budget friendly restaurant, the atmosphere and food are worth the occasional splurge. Wild Fish is located in downtown Arlington Heights and their website can be viewed here.

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