The Field Museum

Before turning over a new year I ventured to The Field Museum with my parents in the chilly Chicago weather for a day of culture. It had been several years since I had last visited this museum and I was excited to experience it anew.

“Wonders of the 1893 World’s Fair”-an enlightening look at items from when the world fair came to Chicago. 

I wasn’t crazy about the layout of this exhibit or how the information was presented, but I was inspired to read 

this book.


I wouldn’t rush to return to The Field Museum anytime soon (very large crowds and the museum exhibits all feel a little dated, presentation-wise), but nonetheless it was a nice refresher as to the kinds of cultural experiences Chicago has to offer.

By the time we left it had warmed up a little outside (well, at least the sun was out) and we stopped for a few pictures before heading north into the loop for lunch.

Arriving at Michigan and Wacker a tad early for our lunch reservation, I suggested a little stop at the Chicago Blackhawks Store. This tiny shop is a must for any Chicago hockey fan.

I’m planning a separate post on our lunch destination, as it’s quite possibly my favorite restaurant downtown.

Stay warm this week!

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