Golden Globes Fitness Game!

It’s the Golden Globes this Sunday! I cannot decide if I am more excited for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to host, to watch and judge the red carpet coverage beforehand, or for what my favorite celebs will say (cough, Jennifer Lawrence, cough).

Last year for the show, my roommate and I used our love of games and our determination for heathy choices to create a Golden Globes fitness game. The rules are simple: for each of the following events, perform the corresponding fitness move. Play consistently throughout the show or tally the occurrences and “catch up” with the accumulated moves all at once. Whatever you do, it’ll beat sitting on the couch for a solid three hours watching TV!

The best award show hosts return!

The Golden Globes Fitness Game

1. Classic Tina and Amy hosting “moment”…..15 jumping jacks

2. Awkward celeb moment occurs….…..15 crunches

3. A winner thanks God or their spouse…..5 push ups

4.  Speech runs long…..10 lunges (5 right, 5 left)

5. Witness a boozy moment…..30 arm circles (15 forward, 15 back)

2013 Golden Globe Fashion

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