Siena Tavern

I stumbled across a small review of Siena Tavern last spring, only a few weeks after it had opened. The menu looked heavenly and I insisted on trying it out a week later. I haven’t been able to stop returning every few months since!

Siena Tavern was dreamed up by Fabio Viviani (initially of Top Chef fame). The menu is Italian, with a focus on homemade and local ingredients. The restaurant interior is slightly modern but extremely inviting, with low lighting and warm brown tones. 

Let’s start with drinks, shall we? 

Siena Tavern keeps it simple with numbered cocktails. Number one and two are seen above, and are delectable.

Start with an appetizer for the table, like the amazing coccoli-crispy dough, stracchino cheese, and prosciutto drizzled with truffle honey.

The salads are beautifully presented. As far as entrees go, the pasta dishes are decadent without being a glutinous portion. The pizzas are delicious, and split well for the table. 

Truffle mushroom

Wild boar

 And whatever you do, make sure you leave room for dessert. May I strongly suggest the tiramisu, as well as sampling the house made gelatos? 

I recommend sharing everything (both here and everywhere you dine, seriously who doesn’t love trying several new things?) 

You most definitely will need reservations, and I’d recommend making them at least a week in advance. Give them a call or use the app ‘Open Table’ to make your reservation. Check Siena Tavern out and salivate over the menu here.

Let me know what you think, and more importantly, if you want some company : )

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