Rabbit Rabbit, It’s February!

Thank goodness. I instagrammed this photo a few months back and it proved to be completely true…

Luckily it’s a new month full of possibilities!

I want to check in on a little thing called New Years resolutions. How are yours going?

If you looked away from the computer in shame muttering excuses, you aren’t alone. It’s proven that an alarming number of resolutions fail. A big part of why is that people are too broad with their goals. Which do you think is easier to measure your success with: saying ‘I want to lose weight’ or ‘I will run 3 times a week’? Taking small steps that you can specifically monitor are a great way to stay on track for your long term goals.

An idea I had for 2014 was to tackle one very specific goal each month. I would come up with an action plan and track my progress. For January, here’s what I picked:

And it’s been great! It wasn’t a perfect month (I’m human) but I feel that for the most part, taking my vitamins is now in my daily routine. I’m still deciding between a few ideas but look forward to sharing what I’ve accomplished at the end of the month : )

How do you hold yourself accountable when you are tackling a new goal?

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