San Diego

Tell a Chicagoan they get to go to California in March and it’s like a dream come true for them.

I was lucky enough to be able to spend 4 days in San Diego for work, which included a weekend exploring the city! I was excited to break out my camera to document my adventures. It rained a ton but that couldn’t damper my spirits.

A wonderful way to start my Saturday!

Little Italy Mercato (Farmer’s Market)

A hodge podge lunch from the stalls

One of many adorable small shops in Little Italy

Balboa Park: a treasure trove of museums, open space and beautiful architecture

Natural History Museum

Botanical Building

The small yet charming Museum of Art

Let me take a selfie

Strawberry Lemonade and “The Big Bowl”, tropical fruit and shrimp, at Queenstown

Room service ginger salmon and spinach : )

 Vitality Tap Green Smoothie on Sunday

The San Diego Zoo

Sleepy koala

The most amazing fish taco at Oscar’s Mexican Seafood

One highlight of my time in San Diego that I wasn’t able to capture in photos was visiting Seal Rock in La Jolla. Dozens of California Grey Seals congregate here! I recommend going for a stroll along the paths by the reefs, then rooftop dining at Eddie V’s.

Margarita, market oysters, wild mushroom salad with warm goat cheese, pacific ahi tuna, glass of red and chocolate cake. You’ll roll out of the restaurant but be so happy with life : ) 

I’ve been to a few places in California, and San Diego is by far my favorite city. I’d absolutely love to fly out there, spend a few days then rent a car and drive up the coast. As with every trip I take, I return home happy to be back but ready for my next adventure. 

Have you ever been to San Diego? What did you think of the city? 

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