Diary of a (Partial) Vegan: Weeks Two and Three

I completed the remainder of my vegan challenge, first described


. Truth be told, this challenge flopped towards the end. Commitments to eating out and a week’s stay with my parents while at a client nearby their house meant many chances for my food choices to be out of my control.

Overall, as I mentioned in

week one

, the best thing I took away from this was realizing how to incorporate more meatless meals into my diet. I’ve started thinking twice before adding meat to my dishes, and am at least trying to restrict my meals to only include one dish with meat a day.

One of my favorite lazy gal dishes is to create a “hodge podge bowl” for dinner, and this easily can be made to exclude meat. I usually make a batch of a grain on Sundays such as brown rice or farro, and this week it was barley. I then use this for several meals throughout the week to cut down on preparation time (just heat it up in the microwave for a minute or two). I steam some vegetables (asparagus and mushrooms are my current favorites) and fry an egg, then put everything on top of the grain. I add a bit of shredded cheese and maybe some hot sauce for an extra hit of flavor. SO good! The possibilities for your hodge podge bowl are endless, and it actually is a really great way to use up leftovers that accumulate in your fridge throughout the week.

I also discovered a yummy product,

Amazing Meal vegan smoothies

from Amazing Grass. I found these products at Whole Foods and purchased a single serving packet of each flavor. I’ve tried a few so far and my favorite has been the Pomegranate Mango-I usually don’t like mango flavored items so this was a surprise! Each serving is chock full of good-for-you ingredients, and has tons of protein and fiber to keep you full. I paired one of these smoothies (prepared with coconut milk) with a piece of toast and was full all the way until lunch. I highly recommend checking these products out!

I’d like to try this challenge again sometime soon, and perhaps stick it out better than I did this time around! : )

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