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Sometimes in the nutrition battle, you just have to let the foodie part of you win. And that’s exactly what happened when I made the decision to check out Wicker Park’s new doughnut shop Stan’s Donuts & Coffee. After many strong willed moments since this place opened, I finally caved and made a stop in over the weekend to pick up a box of goodies. Oh. My. God. If you are going to have a calorie splurge on something sweet, this is the place to go.

Stan’s is a Californian import-a cult favorite that has made a splashy debut in Chicago with this store. It couples it’s best selling donuts with Chicago based Intelligentsia coffee and tea products.

This adorable shop is located on Damen Ave., smack dab next to the Damen blue line stop. The bubblegum pink logo and wall of Kitchenaid mixers are guaranteed to catch your eye as you walk by. And if that fails, the sweet smell of sugary perfection will stop you in your tracks.

They have a huge glass display filled to the brim with different donut options. While the line was 12 people deep, it moved quickly. The design of the shop is so that it sections off the front door, counter and line to one side, and places tables to the other side. This allows customers to sit and enjoy their treats without having people walking through the same space to be able to order.  Flavors I picked up were:

-Original Glazed

-Boston Cream

-Nutella and Banana

-Lemon Pistachio Old Fashioned

-Biscoff Banana Pocket

-Maple Long John

I feel like I have to disclose that I did not eat all these donuts by myself! They were shared, though I did make it a point to sample each of them. It’s hard to pick a favorite. What I loved about the donuts was that they weren’t OVERLY sweet. You didn’t get that sickening feeling after one bite from something so overladen with sugar. The donuts were yeasty and the flavors were fantastic. If I HAD to pick a winner it would be the lemon pistachio, though the Nutella and banana was pretty spectacular as well….oh man and the glazed…ok I can’t do it. You really can’t go wrong here.

I highly recommend stopping in sometime soon for a sugary treat! Check them out here.

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