Work Life: An Overview

When I set out to re-focus my blog content, it was brought to my attention by a great friend that an area I could offer insight into was being a young professional in the city. Henceforth the “Work Life” series was born!

I am an auditor at a mid-sized accounting firm in the Loop; my company has several offices throughout the east coast and then ours in the Midwest. While my job entails many elements, overall as an auditor I work on a team to issue audit reports on the financial statements of companies in a variety of industries. My office itself is small (12 individuals), though I experience many similar experiences and issues that someone working for a larger company would go through. 

I have been at my job since the fall of 2011 and have learned A LOT about the business world. As I have grown in my role from new staff to experienced senior, I feel that I have acquired many insights and tips to share: everything from networking to fashion to tons of dos and don’ts. Every week I’ll broach a new topic-if there is something you’d like to see covered in this area let me know below! 

Note: this series will be driven by what my personal experiences have been as a part of the business workforce. While I strive to write in a neutral way, many topics I plan to cover are opinionated by nature. I anticipate from time to time my posts will contain opinions that readers may disagree with or feel differently towards, and I encourage comments on what other young professionals have experienced. 

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