TÊTE Charcuterie

A few weeks ago I was invited to attend a special preview night of new Chicago hot spot TÊTE Charcuterie. The concept is simple: a creative dining experience surrounding charcuterie, the art of meat curing and sausage making.

The night started with cocktails at the bar, obviously.

I knew I had made the right cocktail choice, as I had barely finished uttering the name of the drink before our waiter starting nodding in approval. Known as the “Jackson Blues”, this smooth and refreshing number combines vodka, green tea syrup, lemon and sparkling wine. 

While you sip, you can enjoy a show as the charcuterie is plated.

And take pictures with your friends!

On to the food! TÊTE Charcuterie has an open kitchen design, allowing you to view food as it is prepared, plated, and sent out to the floor. 

Pork belly, the most delicious item I sampled. It is seasoned perfectly and just melts in your mouth. 

Sausage and spicy mustard. 

Mortadella with pistachios, coriander and white wine. 

Assorted meats and the heavenly bread. 

The design and decor of TÊTE Charcuterie are simple, warm and inviting. I loved the vibe of the restaurant and the laid back attitude of the staff.

The “Ehhhhh” cocktail, which must be ordered with purpose in your voice: dark rum, averna, maple and egg. I would describe this as a rougher, tougher eggnog and it makes a perfect nightcap. 

I would absolutely visit TÊTE Charcuterie again; it’s the perfect place for cocktails and a few plates to share with friends before a night out. Do yourself a favor and order the pork belly; you will not regret it! 

TÊTE Charcuterie is located at 1114 West Randolph Street and their website can be viewed here.

Note: I attended this event as a part of Chicago Food Bloggers and free of charge, however the opinions in this post are solely my own. 

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