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Dare I be so bold to say spring is FINALLY here in Chicago?! The weather has been gorgeous the last few days. One of my favorite ways to welcome the milder weather is to change my home fragrance: out with the heavy, winter scents and in with the florals/citrusy accents! I’ve highlighted three of my favorites below. 

No candle list of mine would be complete without a White Barn candle. I worked at Bath & Body Works for several years and their candles are fantastic. The vegetable wax ensures a clean burn (meaning little to no soot around the edge of your candle) and the three-wick design guarantees an even melt pool. 

“Renew and Refresh” is a very clean scent with jasmine, fresh air and a touch of mint. I think it is a wonderful neutral scent to have in the home! Find it here.

This candle from Anthropologie is a bit of a surprise. The name “Volcano” sounds like it would be a heavy scent. However this paraffin-soy wax candle smells of tropical fruits, sugared lemons, limes and oranges, and lightly exotic mountain greens. I just can’t get enough of it! 

I don’t love the design of the container; the narrower top means some soot accumulates around the rim and the jar curve causes an uneven burn since the wax along the sides does not melt. These aren’t deal breakers for buying this candle-I just wish the design was different.

Find this lovely scent here.

I discovered this line of candles in an amazing shop in San Diego’s Little Venice on my trip back in March. The history of this company is fascinating and I adore the design on the products. The candle I purchased is “Antidris-Lime”: fresh limes and zesty mandarin intertwined with a peppery basil and an aromatic thyme accord supported by floral lily and woody amber patchouli. 

Quite the description! It is unlike any other candle I have smelled; it was burning in the shop when I walked in and I immediately said “I have to buy whatever that candle is!” 

The soy blend wax melts well, though due to the single cotton wick the melt pool is a bit uneven. 

Find here and be sure to peruse the company website! 

What fragrances do you incorporate into your home in the spring? Any candle recommendations for me? Let me know below! 

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