Obsessed: 4.25.14

Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Lauren Elizabeth on ‘High for Friday’ for today’s ‘Obsessed’ post. Each week I’ll round up my favorite finds from the week that I am obsessed with and share them with you!

1. Salted Caramel Cheesecake at the Berghoff

We had an office lunch this week at the Berghoff to celebrate Professional Administrative’s Day. My co-worker and I shared this dessert and were obsessed! I think the photo speaks for itself…

2. ‘Divergent’

I FINALLY saw ‘Divergent’….and oh man I am obsessed! I think it was a great adaptation-a lot of (necessary) plot changes but the overall story remains the same. And, Theo James. 

3. Essie ‘Too Too Hot’ Nail Polish 

I’m obsessed with this rich red coral nail polish from Essie. It will be my go to color all summer long! 

                                                                                       Photo Link
                                                                                       Photo Link

What are you bsessed with this week? Have a wonderful weekend (and go Blackhawks!!!)! 

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