Weekend Recap: June is Here!

What a fantastic weekend!

When I got home from vacation last week, I made myself a promise that I would try to make less plans this summer. Don’t get me wrong; I fully intend to have an amazing Chicago summer. But I realized that this spring I was over-extending myself in my planner, resulting in me feeling extremely burnt out. By keeping more days open in my schedule, I’m hopeful that I can enjoy each day more and have a better feeling of relaxation after each weekend.

On Saturday I treated myself to a lazy day at home: I cleaned and organized, watched TV, and ran some errands. My friend Jillian was in town from New York along with her boyfriend, so we met up for dinner with a few of her Chicago friends to catch up. It was amazing getting to see someone I initially met through work here in Chicago. And since I’ll be in NYC a few times this summer it was easier to say goodbye since I’ll get to see her again in a few weeks!

Yesterday morning I watched a bit more TV (I’m almost through the second to last season of ‘Greek’ on Netflix!) and then I worked on “the great seasonal clothes swap”, aka pulling out all my summer clothes from the bins under my bed to swap places with any remaining sweaters/tights I had stored in my dresser drawers. 

In the afternoon I met up with my friend Meg in Lakeview. We grabbed lunch at Bountiful Eatery, a gluten free restaurant .

I ordered the Spicy Portabella Mushroom bowl, with quinoa and tofu. Amazing! 

We stopped back at Meg’s place to mix up some portable cocktails in our water bottles, then headed over to Belmont Harbor to get some sun and people watch. I think this is going to become a frequent summer spot for me this year!

Meg and I ordered dinner from Joy’s Noodles & Rice to go and ate while watching the Blackhawks game.

Not exactly the game end that I was hoping for….it was a rough way to end the otherwise great weekend. But I’m a Blackhawks fan win or lose. And as the Chicago motto goes, there is always next year! 

What did you do this weekend? 

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