Obsessed 6.20.14

Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Lauren Elizabeth on ‘High for Friday’ for today’s ‘Obsessed’ post. Each week I’ll round up my favorite finds from the week that I am obsessed with and share them with you!

1. Summer Produce

I absolutely am obsessed with this time of year when it comes to fresh produce. So many fruits and vegetables are in season, meaning there are tons of choices when you head to the grocery store. This week I have been snacking on strawberries and cherries, and having an extra large serving of corn with my meals! 

2. Driving on Lake Shore Drive

I don’t drive on Lake Shore Drive often, so when I do it still manages to take my breath away. This could possibly be my favorite place to drive; outstanding views of both Lake Michigan and the city. So obsessed! 


3. “The Architecture of the Cocktail” by Amy Zavatto and Melissa Wood 


I picked up this book at the library on a whim and am obsessed! The authors take classic drinks and constructs them as you would a blueprint for a house. Each drink has a nice explanation of its history and well written instructions on how to prepare. 


What have you been obsessed with this week? Have a wonderful weekend! 

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