Caribbean Cruise: Mexico and At Sea

The ship docked in Cozumel Mexico on Friday and the sun was shining! While Steph went for an unbelievable deep sea diving experience, I saddled up for a horseback ride through Mayan ruins.

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Agh! This post got lost in the shuffle, which is a shame because it covers my favorite day of the cruise I was on back in May. Please forgive me for not being timely? Refresh your memory of this trip here, here, here and here, then let’s wrap up the cruise coverage below! 

The ship docked in Cozumel Mexico on Friday and the sun was shining! While Steph went for an unbelievable deep sea diving experience, I saddled up for a horseback ride through Mayan ruins. 

Our guide Carlos explained the basics of riding before assigning each of us to a horse. Having ridden a fair share, I rose my hand for the “intermediate” level of riding. I was the first member of our group to be called and I was assigned a horse by the name of Milena. 

Now, one’s first inclination when introduced to the horse you’ll be taking out on the trail is to pet them. I did just that….and my horse promptly bit me. 

Well this threw me for a loop. I tried to scratch her ears (EVERY animal loves this!) and again she went in to bite me on the wrist! 

When Carlos came over to help me up, he proceeded to tell me that Milena is a bit of a diva. She’s an A-type, does not like affection, oh and she frequently tried to kick people and other horses.

Um, Carlos, you’re definitely selling me on wanting this horse….

With a half-assed attempt at telling me not to worry, she just needs to be shown who’s boss, Carlos helped me get saddled up. The group headed out onto the trail. 

Our horseback ride was an hour, with several stops to chat about the Mayan ruins. I’m happy to say that Milena did in fact figure out that I was in charge; we even got to trot quite a bit which was fantastic! 

Oh yes I did take a horseback riding selfie!

The diva herself-

I’d definitely love to ride more often here in the US. Farming and riding horses is a huge part of my family history on my mom’s side, and I always feel more connected to that part of me when I go horseback riding. I like to think that my ancestors are smiling down and are proud of me anytime I go riding!

After our ride we stopped in at the cantina for a Pepsi and to hang with the resident pups. Their breed is the xoloitzcuintle, or Mexican hairless dog. They definitely have a unique look, but are exactly like every other dog-looking for love, and food! 

After one last look around we headed out for a few beach pit stops. 

Here’s our first stop…

…and our second! 

Once we got back to the ship, I quickly changed and met up with Steph to go exploring around the port! 

Guacamole was a must. 

The bars in port looked a bit too boozy for us, so we headed back to the ship instead to grab a drink. 

We headed to the Allure’s version of a Mexican cantina-Rita’s!

Mango margs and beers! 

We changed and headed to Vintages, the wine and tapas restaurant on board for a little pre-dinner snack.

Pan amb tomaquet: sourdough bread, ripened tomatoes and garlic-olive oil

Crab croquetas: crab croquettes with Spanish paprika aioli 

Brocheta de chorizo con camarones y almejas: Chorizo salami, shrimp and scallop screwers with garlic and herb oil.

For dinner, Steph and I went to Giovanni’s Table, another specialty restaurant on board. Honestly the food was sub-par and everything tasted overly salted. The presentation was at least nice?…

Thankfully the meal was saved with delicious tiramisu!

We ended the night with Blue Planet, a very cruise-ship-cheesy-in-the-best-way-possible song and dance show. 

On Saturday, our last full day at sea, Steph and I spent a lazy morning and afternoon sunning on the deck.

We started off the night at a parade in the Royal Promenade.

Then it was time for our last meal in the dining room. Check out our table view.

Before heading out for the night, we had asked our room attendant Edie for a great towel animal since we love them so much. Edie surprised us with two! 

We woke up on Sunday and headed to the airport. The last few hours of our vacation were spent blog planning, watching the season finale of ‘Surivivor’ (me), and reading (Steph).

It truly was an amazing trip. I absolutely recommend taking a cruise and if you book early you can get a great price! 

Thanks for sticking through these recaps! 

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