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Back in June the girls and I jetted off for a long weekend in NYC!

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Back in June the girls and I jetted off for a long weekend in NYC! As always, a very serious discussion on what to pack ensued a few days before we left-

After an early flight we reached the Big Apple. We dropped off our bags and headed west for the High Line!

The High Line is built on an old rail line and is elevated above the streets of Manhattan. It’s a gorgeous walking trail meets park that has something fun around every turn!

We descended at 16th Street to explore Chelsea Market, an indoor food hall with a rich history. The Market itself has been around for about 15 years, however the building was originally the factory of the National Biscuit Company aka Nabisco. Even before that the area was a trading spot for the Algonquin Indians, and then a convenient location for wholesale butchers who were able to use the trains running on the rail line above to transport products. 

Chelsea Market is home to tons of delicious food shops. You certainly could never go hungry once inside!

We decided on lunch at the Lobster Place, an absolute mecca of seafood that transports you to the shore with it’s salty sea smells and vast selection.

I settled on a lobster roll, with a side of coleslaw and a few other fixings to share!

There’s always room for something sweet, and a fresh fruit pop from People’s Pops was just what I needed! 

We headed out for our main event of the day: an appointment at the Bite Beauty Lip Lab.

Bite Beauty products are sold at Sephora. However what really sets this cosmetics company apart is the Lip Lab, located at 174 Prince Street in Manhattan. For $30, you get the very unique experience of creating your own customized lip stick to take home! 

Upon sitting down at the lip station, you’ll chat with one of the technicians on what sort of color you are looking for. From there she will put together several different combinations from the base colors until you find your perfect match. 

You also get to make choices on how pigmented you’d like your lippy to be, along with the amount of shine (or you can forgo the shine completely for a matte finish). 

One of my favorite choices was what scent I wanted my lipstick to be. Several florals, mint, and vanilla are amongst the choices; I went for a fruit scent to match the berry shade of my lipstick. 

Bite’s Lip Lab lets you select the shape of the lipstick tube, and gives you a handy card with the notes on your customized color for next time. 

After the color is roughly combined (melted down in the microwave along with the essential oils for the scent and the right ingredients for the selected finish), it’s poured into a centrifuge to ensure enough mixing. Next it’s poured into bullet shaped molds and placed on a cooling tray to solidify. 

Two molds are made in case there are any oopsies during the last step. 

The technician carefully transfers the molded lipstick into the tube.

And voila! Your own customized lippy to take home! 

I absolutely recommend checking out Bite Beauty if you are in New York. The experience is truly a unique and fun one. I suggest making an appointment, but walk ins are welcome. 

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