After a fun morning at Top of the Rock, we took to the subway to explore Brooklyn. Despite three past trips to New York, I’d never visited Brooklyn before. It’s definitely a different vibe there; the most noticeable difference being that it’s quiet!

We stopped in a little park to take in our surroundings, test our cartwheeling skills and just goof around! 

As we made our way towards the Brooklyn Bridge we found tons of photo opportunities. 

We also met a very friendly Great Dane! 

We stopped for lunch at Grimaldi’s, a pizza parlor with a reputation for outstanding pizza pies (and a very normal line stretching down the street). 

Grimaldi’s doesn’t mess around when it comes to pizza. Delicious pizza made in a coal fired oven is served up to its masses. Their motto is simple: no credit cards, no reservations, no slices, no delivery. 

The crust is crunchy and charred just right. For toppings, simple is better. We devoured the better part of two pizzas after our long day of sightseeing. 

After lunch, a stop at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory was a must. The factory is housed in a fireboat house and all of the products are made on site. The flavor choices all sound delectable; I settled on the Peaches & Cream which was divine! 

We hopped on board the East Coast Ferry to head back to Manhattan; a different and very fun way to traverse! 

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