Dos Caminos

On the second night of our trip we grabbed a bit of Mexican food before heading to the theatre. I was introduced to Dos Caminos last year on a work trip to NYC and just had to bring the girls here. 

A necessary first course of freshly made guacamole and cocktails occurred. 

Our waitress recommended a classic margarita on the rocks with Luna Sueño tequila. Tequila is usually not my beverage of choice, but this was so smooth and delicious! 

Then we tucked into our main course! 

Dessert was a necessity: a Mexican hot fudge brownie sundae to share.

We took a brisk walk over to the Richard Rodgers Theatre to see Idina Menzel in If/Then. 

The show was such a creative concept, and how can you beat 2.5 hours of Ms. Menzel belting?! We made a quick stop outside for a picture of Lindsey and Anthony Rapp….

….then headed back to the hotel. The crowd at the stage door was a BIT more hectic than the prior night over at the New Amsterdam. 

Our walk back took us past the Cort Theatre, where Daniel Radcliffe was currently starring in The Cripple of Inishmaan. We stopped to ogle at Dan for a bit, who loves taking selfies with fans! 

After our day we were quite exhausted and ready for a good night sleep. 

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