Obsessed: 8.22.14

Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Lauren Elizabeth on ‘High for Friday’ for today’s ‘Obsessed’ post. Each week I’ll round up my favorite finds from the week that I am obsessed with and share them with you!

1. The Cast of “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder” lip synching to Pharrell’s “Happy” 

I’m obsessed, and in love with Bryce Pinkham. 

2. John Krasinski’s Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenge Video

What a campaign to raise awareness for ALS! You can donate here, as well as google “ice bucket challenge” to see a slew of people dumping ice over their heads. I’m obsessed with this particular celeb video, though I’m not sure John Krasinski exactly understands how it works…

3. ‘Once Upon a Time’

Thanks to some gentle nudging from friends and the convenience of Netflix, I’ve been watching the show ‘Once Upon a Time’ for the first time and very quickly became obsessed. The way this show takes classic fairy tales and spins them is always catching me off guard and making me eager to watch another episode. Here’s to hoping I can get caught up before the fourth season starts in September!

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Have a wonderful weekend! 

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