Minocqua Cabin Trip 2014

The girls and I headed up north for a long weekend in Minocqua. Despite attempts to coordinate what everyone was packing, the 5 of us ended up with the following booze stash at the beginning of the trip: 

We toasted to our trip with a round of Shamrock Mint Tippy Cow (the alcoholic version of a Shamrock Shake). 

That collection of alcohol came in handy later on, when we played our own version of the ‘New Girl’ drinking game, True American!

The weekend was amazing: tanning, swimming, kayaking, reading, cooking, drinking, playing games and chatting. We hit up the Norwood Pines Supper Club and got to enjoy Friday Fish Fry! 

Then enjoyed the Min-Aqua Bats waterski show. 

Over the weekend we visited the Wildwood Wildlife Park, where visitors can feed carrots to giraffes! 

My favorite part of heading up north is getting to enjoy the peace and quiet of being out in nature. 

It was a wonderful trip and I already cannot wait to go back next year! 

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