The Metropolitan Museum of Art

For my first full day in New York I was ready for some culture. I threw on a play dress and piled my hair in a messy bun; a quick selfie and I was out the door! 

The elevator at the apartments I was staying at had a black light; odd, unusual, and funny to check out what you were wearing.

The day started off rainy; I picked up an iced coffee for my trip uptown on the subway and was rewarded with this little gem of a street snap; only in New York! 

The destination was the Metropolitan Museum of Art, “The Met” for it’s exhibition on fashion designer Charles James

Charles James was a fashion designer, known as America’s first couturier and considered to have been a master of cutting fabrics. He is known for his highly structured aesthetic and sculpted ball gowns. The exhibit wonderfully displayed Charles’ creations, using modern technology such as X-rays and analytical animations at the base of each display to examine the intricate design of each piece. 

These muslin mock ups show the detailed cut and intricacies of the designer’s work.

Every piece was proudly displayed on a pedestal, allowing visitors to admire the design from every angle. 

Ivory silk satin ball gown, 1951. 

Pale pink silk satin and ivory silk twill ball gown, 1948.

Green silk satin ball gown, 1954.

Green wool mohair dress (1952) and pear shape cocktail dress (red wool broadcloth, 1955).

Ivory and black bottom matelasse dinner suits, 1956.

Afterwards I took a walk around the European sculpture galleries. 

The detail of these pieces is amazing! 

Andromeda and the Sea Monster, by Domenico Guidi (Italian, marble, 1694). 

Ugolino and His Sons, Jean Baptiste Carpeaux (French, Saint-Beat marble, 1865). 

Winter by Jean Antoine Houdon (French, bronze, 1787). 

Herakles the Archer, Emile-Antoine Bourdelle (French, bronze, 1909). 

The Met is a huge museum, full of every sort of art imaginable. Impressionism artwork, Greek and Roman, Medieval, Drawings and Paintingsā€¦.there is really something for everyone. It’s impossible to see the entire museum in one day, making it a great spot to visit every time you come to New York City! 

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