Pearl Oyster Bar

I’m so so so obsessed with this restaurant. Located on a tiny, quiet street in the West Village Pearl Oyster Bar has everything I want out of my dining experience: friendly service, non-pretentious decor, and seriously delicious food. 

We started out with a seafood cocktail for the table-chilled lobster, shrimp, oysters and clams. 

Followed by lobster rolls all around. Served up with shoestring fries (that I dowsed in vinegar), this is heaven. The bun is soft, everything is perfectly seasoned and the amount of lobster is liberal. I could really eat this at every meal and be happy. 

We left with full tummies and smiles on our faces. 

But no meal is complete without something sweet. We headed east for Morgenstern’s ice cream. The shop is tiny and is cash only, with unusual flavors like banana curry and american egg.

Dad went with peppermint (boring!) and I chose cardamom lemon jam. 

A great first meal for our long weekend in the city! 

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