Tacomi at Fonda Nolita

After a very touristy morning, I wanted to venture a little off the beaten path for lunch. Thanks to a lovely post recommendation by my favorite blogger Rosie I knew of just the place! 

Tacombi serves up seriously delectible Mexican food. The restaurant is located in a converted garage on Elizabeth Street-inside it’s light and airy with the beautiful faint smell of delicious things cooking. 

Up at the bar there are homemade juices on display. 

And every table has its own array of sauces to choose from. 

I ducked away from the table for only a moment, but when I returned the p’s had already snagged themselves a drink each! A paloma for Mum and a cerveza for Dad. 

If you like grapefruit juice you must order a paloma sometime! Fresh juice mixed with tequila and club soda….it’s extremely refreshing. 

But the pièce de résistance is the converted VW bus inside where the tacos are assembled. How cool!

We started off with an order of guacamole to share. Even though I prefer my guac a bit chunkier, the flavor was fantastic and we gobbled up the whole bowl! 

Then it was time for the main feast. Each order comes with enough topping to make two tacos and is served with two corn tortillas. Between the portion and the price, it’s a great place to try a ton of the menu offerings! 

My favorite was the crispy fish, topped sky-high with red cabbage slaw. 

Tacombi at Fonda Nolita is located at 267 Elizabeth Street in NYC-check out their site here

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