You might recall that in June my friends and I took a stroll on the High Line. I knew before we even arrived that I would have to bring my parents back during our trip in August to see it for themselves. We woke up early on Monday morning and headed west to walk the High Line top to bottom! 

At 20th Street we descended to grab breakfast at Cookshop, an American restaurant recommended by blogger Rosie.

The restaurant is bright and homey with a great big window and patio for people watching. I ordered the Cookshop Blend tea to start: rose hips, orange peel, blueberry, hibiscus, fruit blend and berry leaves. This was a bit too sweet for my taste, but warm and comforting nonetheless. 

On a Monday morning after the work rush it was pretty quiet, though I’d imagine this place is hopping on the weekends for brunch! 

I kept things simple for my meal with scrambled eggs, bacon and breakfast potatoes-everything was cooked to perfection.

I’d absolutely recommend a stop in at Cookshop; it’s just a stone’s throw from the High Line and serves up delicious food across the board! 

Back on the High Line we spotted this gem-

-and snapped a few pictures on our walk. 

I just love the mix of nature and urban city as you stroll downtown and think it’s a must see for anyone visiting the city! 

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