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A few weeks ago I had a fantastic dinner in the city with my great friend and fellow blogger Steph. We headed to the newly opened RPM Steak to see for ourselves how it measured up!

After being warmly greeted by the host and seated on the first floor, our waitress took our drink order. Steph chose the East India cocktail with cognac, pineapple, lemon and maraschino. I kept things classic with an Old Fashioned. The cocktails aren’t overly sweet and definitely pack a punch. 

To start things off we split the Parker House Rolls served with rosemary butter, and Giuliana’s Chopped Salad made with fall vegetables, walnuts and cranberries. Though I had seen many reviews praising the rolls, I wasn’t bowled over. The salad however was divine. Steph and I attempted to identify all of the ingredients, settling on fifteen(!) including cauliflower, green pepper and okra. I would honestly come back to RPM Steak just for this salad.

Then it was on to the main course: the steak! We each ordered the filet mignon, medium rare, served Oscar style; bĂ©arnaise sauce, crab and asparagus. After a few bites we compared plates, and Steph noted that my steak was fairly further towards the ‘rare’ side than hers. It wasn’t a deal breaker, but something interesting to note since we ordered the exact same plate. I thought that the steak was prepared well and seasoned appropriately. While I’m not a connoisseur of red meat, I thought that the cut of meat was nice and tender. 

We also shared a side of the Brussels Sprouts and Bacon-delicous! 

We rallied despite being very full and ordered the Nutella Bread Pudding with banana ice cream for dessert. I loved this and thought the banana ice cream was an interesting, not over the top touch. The bread pudding was in line with a traditional consistency and the Nutella baked throughout added a nice twist. What I liked most was this was not overly sweet, though the dish itself was fairly rich and I’d recommend splitting this with your table mates.  

Overall it was a great meal. Would I return? Yes absolutely, as I mentioned for that chopped salad alone! That being said it’s tough to make a final opinion: it seems silly to me to go there if you are not planning to eat steak, yet if I was craving steak I would not think to go to there. It’s definitely worth a trip to see for yourself and definitely bring along others so you can share and try multiple dishes!

I’d also highly recommend planning a visit to RPM Steak’s older sibling, RPM Italian

RPM Steak is located at 66 West Kinzie Street and you can peruse their menu here

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