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My friend Stephanie came across a Gilt City deal for a new cooking class meets dinner party experience in Lincoln Park. Both us of love to cook and jumped at the opportunity to check it out! 

The Social Table is an interactive dining experience: for the first part of the night guests work together to cook a spectacular meal with the oversight of chef/host Rebecca. Then everyone gets to sit down together at the table to feast on the results of all the hard work in the kitchen! 

The quaint yellow house that the Social Table is located in has two cooking spaces; one downstairs one upstairs. We snapped a few pictures when we walked in before making our way upstairs.

Rebecca warmly greeted us and offered up several wine choices for the evening; our Gilt City deal included a bottle of wine however the Social Table is BYOB (or guests have the opportunity to purchase wine on arrival). 

Each cooking spot is set up with a cutting board, knife, and apron. After everyone arrives Rebecca gives a brief overview before diving right into the cooking!

The cooking starts off with chopping all of the vegetables; as Rebecca told us it’s best to wield knives before getting too far into your bottle of wine! I absolutely picked up a few new skills when dicing vegetables that have come in handy since attending the class. Rebecca has a great way of explaining the steps in a logical way, with tips that stick with you. 

Our menu for the night was “Comfort Italian”; over the next two hours we chopped, sautéed, boiled, grated and baked our way to a delicious meal. Then it was time to eat! 

Guazetto Soup: Shrimp, Tilapia, White Beans & Spinach

Classic Tuscan Lasagna with Homemade Ragu, Fresh Noodles & Béchamel 

Kale Caesar Salad with Dry Fried Garlic Croutons

Anarchy Cake with Seasonal Fruit & Vanilla Ice Cream 

Everything was SO delicious. The following day Rebecca emailed all of the recipes out, and since the class I have made the dishes on my own (with much praise from my audience may I add)! The Social Table is a must do in my book; Rebecca creates not just a delicious meal but a wonderful atmosphere for the entire group. The menus are ever changing and I cannot wait to go back soon! 

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