Bub City

Meg, Steph and I have started a little weekly tradition and it involves my favorite things: friends, food and experiencing fantastic Chicago restaurants! 

This week we dined at barbecue joint Bub City located at 435 N. Clark. The menu isn’t pretentious or overwhelming; just downright good Southern food. 

The Riverboat Gambler: bourbon, maple, lemon and blackstrap bitters 

Smoked half chicken: this was well seasoned and not at all dry. The coleslaw served alongside is forgettable, however I would absolutely order this again. 

Meg’s fried chicken.

Shared spoonbread, Steph’s chopped brisket sandwich, and crispy tots for the table. The sides at Bub City are so so yummy; I’d recommend planning to share several with your companions! 

Bub City also supposedly delivers a killer weekend brunch (complete with a Bloody Mary bar); looks like I’ll have to venture back sometime soon to check that out! 

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