Pinewood Social

Nashville loves to stick it’s restaurants in peculiar areas! For breakfast on Saturday we headed to Pinewood Social, located in a business park. 

This place is really neat, and utterly hipster in the best way. It’s part restaurant and part recreation area with an outdoor pool, karaoke, and bowling alley. 

Regular coffee becomes a special affair as it’s served with both cream and a choice of liquid sweeteners. 

We got down to the business of ordering. A breakfast hash was accidentally delivered to our table; no clue on how it tastes but how nice does it look? 

Meg kept things simple with eggs, potato and pork belly (alright maybe that last one isn’t so simple)! 

Denise selected the delectable poached egg in a basket with ham, asparagus, truffle hollandaise, and toast.

I ordered the omelet stuffed with goat cheese, spinach, roasted mushrooms and garlic and served with potatoes. It’s not much of a looker but boy it was tasty! 

The bill comes in a paint cane filled with candies. These little quirks are what make Pinewood Social such a fun dining experience along with fantastic eats! 

After our meal we popped in back to check out the bowling alley. 

Pinewood Social is located at 33 Peabody Street in Nashville, TN. 

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