Obsessed: 12.12.14

Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Lauren Elizabeth on ‘High Five for Friday‘ for today’s ‘Obsessed’ post. Every other week or so I’ll round up my current favorite finds that I am obsessed with and share them with you! 

1. Shake Shack Hits Chicago

I adore Shake Shack; it’s a New York MUST anytime I’m in town. Therefore you can imagine just how excited I have been to check out their first location in Chicago! To celebrate my burger obsession I didn’t hold back….check out my smorgasbord of a meal below! 

2. Dinner and a Movie Night

Steph and Meg came over the other day for a girl’s night in. We cooked (yummy Kale Caesar salad and seafood soup) and played a drinking game while watching Lifetime’s masterpiece, William and Kate. I actually am obsessed with this movie all the time, though it’s much more fun to watch with a glass of wine in hand! 

Image Credit
Image Credit

3. Stan’s Donuts

I have previously sung praises towards Stan’s Donuts: these tasty treats take it up to the next level. I picked up a box to share earlier this week and can reaffirm just how obsessed I am! 

Have a fantastic weekend! 

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