Snapshots of Key West

While planning this trip I stumbled upon The Southernmost Point Guest House completely by chance. This charming B&B is a block from the beach and located in Old Town on Duval Street. The rooms are beautiful; ours had it’s own private porch! There are tons of hammocks and tables for guests to lounge, a huge hot tub, and a delicious breakfast included each morning. Its also home to several cats including Mr. Booboo and Dorie (pictured below). The staff is friendly and laid back and I would not hesitate to stay here the next time I’m in Key West!

Sunsets in Key West are quite an event. Wherever you are choosing to observe from everyone is abuzz snapping photographs,, trying to capture the constantly changing colorful sky. Then, right before the sun disappears, a calm falls over the crowd and all stand quiet to observe the beautiful scene before them. It’s such a simple yet amazing experience!

Our family has a serious love of lobster rolls. Our hands down favorite is from Pearl Oyster Bar in New York, though we found some stiff competition in Key West at DJ’s Clam Shack. This tiny food stand on Duval Street is always hopping, churning out the best of North meets South seafood dishes. You’ll consider sharing with a companion, but take my word for it and order your own!

The Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory is pure tranquility. After learning all about butterflies, visitors enter the conservatory where hundreds of butterflies fly freely. Birds flit about and there are even two very vocal flamingos in the pond! If you are lucky (and stand very still) a butterfly will land on you!

A surprise (both fun and not so fun at 4 am) is the abundant population of chickens in Key West. Known as gypsy chickens, these guys crow all the time and just don’t know when to quit. They are a colorful and quirky part of visiting!

We discovered a favorite spot during our time in Key West. Fort Zachary Taylor Historical Park was designated a national historic landmark in 1973. Built in the 1800’s to defend the United States’ southern coastline, visitors can tour the fort and learn about its role in the Civil and Spanish-American Wars.

There is a fantastic beach here as well, perfect for sunning, reading, and watching ships go by!

A small fee gets you in and your ticket allows entry for the entire day, perfect for return trips to watch the sun set!

Kudos to my mom for finding an absolute gem of a night during our stay! The Red Barn Theatre is celebrating its 35th year of professional theatre in Key West and we stopped by to see its production of “The Last Night of Ballyhoo”. This Tony award winning English play is a hoot and the show was spectacular!

Tips and Tricks for Key West:

  • While the warm weather is a dream, it’s also quite humid. Be prepared for not so pretty hair days!
  • If your hotel doesn’t provide beach towels make a quick stop at the K-Mart. For $10-15 you can get a pack of cheap towels, perfect to use for your days in the sun.
  • Sunscreen is pricy at stores, because it can be! Plan ahead and pack your own.
  • The Key Lime Pie Company is the best of the best. Slices are available in original and extra tart!
  • Be open to trying all types of food when in Key West; we found delicious Cuban and Chinese restaurants. My favorite meal of the bunch was at Blackfish Bistro!
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