Bainbridge Island

On our first full day in Seattle we set out for the ferry to cross over to Bainbridge Island. But first, coffees and donuts at Caffe Vita

It was a slightly cold but quite sunny day for a ferry ride! 

We admired the view, pretended we were on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, and made a new friend while taking pictures! 

Our first stop was Cafe Nola for brunch. 

We said cheers to our weekend vacation and set about studying the menu! 

Lobster deviled eggs and a maple bacon biscuit to share!

The deviled eggs were beyond decadent, and the biscuit was heavenly. I’d return here solely for the biscuit! 

Meg and I went halvsies on the Food Network acclaimed caramel pecan french toast. I am not a sweet breakfast person, but the salty bacon balances everything out. This definitely has earned it’s praise! 

We also shared a classic breakfast.

Steph ordered the delectable spring hash topped with poached eggs. 

Quite full, we set out to walk the island and take in the sights. 

Bainbridge was by and large one of my highlights of the weekend! 

Logan’s Tips:

  • Bainbridge is absolutely a walkable spot to visit. Most shops and restaurants of note are within a half mile radius of the ferry port.
  • Take all your ferry pictures on the way over to Bainbridge, while you are still “fresh”. We did and were happy to be able to relax inside on the ride back.
  • There are tons of adorable shops on Winslow Way; definitely plan on an hour to wander around! 
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