The London Plane

One of my favorite meals during our weekend in Seattle was breakfast at The London Plane. This bright spot is located in Pioneer Square and serves up seriously great food in it’s modern space. 

The restaurant regularly hosts a flower shop featuring local blooms. It’s a gorgeous table and a fun addition to the dining decor! 

Our table was right next to the window; despite the overcast weather the tall windows let tons of light in. 

Warm biscuit with preserves and creme fraiche-

House quiche-

Vegetable and grain trio-

Toast with hazelnut butter, sea salt and honey-

Soft scrambled eggs with leeks, bacon and chives-

All of the food was delicious. The ingredients were decadent and everything just tasted fresh and fulfilling. The London Plane also offers theme dinners Wednesdays-Saturdays, and I would love to return to see their take on the nightly focus! 

The London Plane is located at 300 Occidental Avenue South in Seattle.  

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