The British Museum

This post is part of a throwback series to my semester abroad in London in 2007!

Our class schedule was pretty great during our semester in London. We attended class Mondays through Thursdays, with Fridays off which made weekend traveling wonderful! 

With our school building in Bloomsbury Square we had our own quad of sorts; this was perfect for lunch breaks and sitting outside to work on homework (ok, if I’m being honest, to talk). 

There was a Pret a Manger across the square, which probably contributed to my deeply rooted love of Pret to this day! Lunches most days however were packed; the four of us living in a flat together would pool part of our weekly stipend and grocery shop together! We kept things very simple with sandwiches, crisps and veggies. 

On that note, we also switched off making dinner. Two of us took the Monday/Wednesday meals, and Tuesday/Thursday went to the other two. Gosh, we were cute! But I digress.

Two blocks away from Bloomsbury Square is The British Museum. The museum was established back in 1753(!) and is a beautiful collection of art and historical artifacts. It’s probably most famously the home of the Rosetta Stone. This shows the same decree in three languages which allowed historians to crack the modern understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphics. Pretty outstanding! 

In our first week of classes our art teacher took us to the British Museum. Our class met twice a week, with one day in the classroom and the other at a museum. We returned the following day to do a little sightseeing of our own, as well as jot down some more notes! 

Amongst the artifacts are the famed Elgin Marbles, the center of long-standing controversy due to the debate of whether they should be restored to their original country. The disagreement between Greece and England over the legitimacy of the purchase of the marbles was finally put to rest this year, with Greece stating they would no longer pursue legal avenues to regain possession. 

Even though the British Museum is SUCH a top tourist attraction, it’s a quintessential part of my favorite London spots. Everyone should experience seeing the Rosetta Stone in person, and the detail of the Elgin Marbles is exquisite! 

One of my many loves about life in London is the free newspapers on the tube. There’s one in the mornings and one in the evenings. Yes they may be a bit tabloid-y (see: below) but I love them anyways.  

Another London must is a proper meal in a pub. Fish and chips, mushy peas, and a pint are food for the soul! 

I really was lucky; I spent three months living just minutes from Regent’s Canal and Little Venice. How gorgeous is this?! 

And yes, the “Warwick Avenue” of the Duffy song is indeed the same tube stop that I took nearly every day for three months!! 

Logan’s Tips and Tricks:

-Like most museums in London, The British Museum has free admission. However don’t be a goober; giving a few pounds upon entry is a no-brainer way to pay it forward. 

-The vast collection means that it’s very easy to become overwhelmed. I suggest taking a look at a map and focusing on a few exhibits during your time. The Ancient Egyptian and Greek sections, Rosetta Stone, and the Enlightenment room are great places to start. 

-As with all tourist spots, the museum can get very crowded. I recommend getting there right at opening and seeing the “top hits” first before floods of people arrive! 

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