The Prime Meridian

This post is part of a throwback series to my semester abroad in London in 2007! 

If you’re a little rusty from your school days, the Prime Meridian is the geographical point where longitude is defined as 0°. Longitude lines run from the North to the South Pole and the Prime Meridian serves as the dividing point of whether a place is in the Western or Eastern hemisphere. A position is defined as a number of degrees, and the equivalent North/South spot is the latitude geographical coordinate. 

The Royal Observatory in Greenwich serves as the common zero of longitude and the standard of time throughout the world.

There are a number of ways to get here. Personally I recommend the DLR line; just take it to Cutty Sark and it’s a 10 minute walk away. 

Here there is an official line marking where the Prime Meridian runs. It’s a pretty cool site to see! 

But as I said, to get there you must walk. The picture below is just a hint at the trek; it also involves walking up hills which is quite tough when you’ve been imbibing the night before….

There’s a National Maritime Museum and Planetarium which we visited during our time. Greenwich is a beautiful spot and well worth a day trip to the “home of time”! 

Read all about Greenwich here. 

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