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I was gratiously invited to the I|O Rooftop at the Godfrey Hotel earlier this week to celebrate the upcoming opening of a storefront for Penthouse Sweets

If you haven’t heard of this company they should be on your radar. Penthouse Sweets is a custom dessert studio; they work one on one with clients to create completely unique desserts tailored to your treat needs. Created by Chef Yvonne Stephens, Penthouse Sweets exudes its passion for dessert design and love of bringing its customer’s visions to reality! 

The event showcased quite the spread of sweet treats! 

What really struck me was the attention to detail that went into each piece of dessert; Penthouse Sweets truly offers up edible art! 

The signature logo sugar cookie and reverse chocolate chip cookie. This one was such a fun twist on a classic with a chocolate cookie and white chocolate chip. Both were decadent! 

The chocolate cake with raspberry mousse buttercream petit four above, and a line of verses below! From left to right: banana pudding, chocolate cherry brownie, mango coconut cheesecake and strawberry cheesecake. My favorite of the bunch was the banana pudding! 

How amazing is edible glitter?! Above a red velvet cake pop and below a pumpkin cupcake with fudge buttercream. I am a huge cake fan and each cake item was moist with a great balance between the ratio of cake to frosting. The pumpkin cake and fudge was an unexpected but delicious combination! 

And hands down the best presentation of the bunch-strawberry cake with vanilla buttercream on a mini pedestal! 

I’d highly recommend Penthouse Sweets for a truly customized and unique dessert experience. Their love of sweets and attention to detail shines through all of their treats! Visit their site linked at the beginning of the post, or their Facebook page here, to see more of their gorgeous designs.

Thank you to Penthouse Sweets and the Godfrey Hotel for a beautiful event! 

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