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This summer I’ve been obsessed with a Chicago native brand: Owen + Alchemy

I stumbled upon the brand Owen + Alchemy through Twitter and immediately knew it was something I wanted to try. Owen + Alchemy, or O + A, specializes in cold pressed juices and plant based meals. While it has a brick and mortar location in Logan Square it has also set up a fantastic pop up location in Eataly through the end of 2015. 

I love a good healthy juice and was intrigued by the unique combinations that the brand offers up! 

O + A products come in gorgeous glass bottles with very informative labels. Each shows on the back a flavor profile, its nutritional value and the health benefits. 

I’ve visited the O + A stand in Eataly multiple times over the summer. The staff are so helpful and provide samples to assist in your selection. These are the juices I have tried so far! 

#15 combines apple, ginger, lemon and cayenne pepper. The O + A staff described it to me as apple cider with a kick, which is exactly what this tastes like! I am NOT normally a fan of spicy drinks but do not mind the dash of cayenne in this blend. Each sip is smooth from the apple then has a soft after bite from the spices. The fruity #15 is detoxifying, anti-inflammitory and supports digestion. 

#42 is a savory blend of heirloom tomato and organic Himalayan sea salt. The health benefits are rehydrating, immune support and cardiovascular support. This is like a perfectly salted summer tomato, but in a bottle. It’s a nice break from traditionally sweet juices and ties in nicely if you are consuming the juice as a meal replacement. I’ve purchased this twice and the second time around the blend was a bit more red and a little less salty. I’d guess this difference in color is tied to the time of year; the redder version was purchased later in the summer when tomato produce would be a bit more developed. The difference in salt level was not a deal breaker for me; again this may have differed due to flavor of the tomato on its own. 

#21 combines blueberry, basil, lime and sea salt. The basil is a surprising but wonderful addition to this blend! The juice is not overly sweet despite the blueberry flavor, and leaves you with a hint of basil taste after each sip. #21 is antioxidant rich, supports your immune system and is antibacterial. It’s the most stand out flavor of all the juices I have tried and my top recommendation! 

#02 is a straight up green juice and not for those who are only so-so interested in healthy juices. The #02 is a blend of greens (mine was kale, romaine, spinach), parsley, celery, cucumber, lemon and sea salt. This guy is detoxifying, alkalizing, and nutrient electrolyte rich. It’s also seriously healthy tasting. NOT a bad thing, but this is certainly a juice for when you want to flood your system with a punch of goodness!

#58 is a creamy cold brewed coffee drink with raw almond and cashew, maca, and maple syrup. What I love about this mix is that unlike sugary coffee blends, this will provide a steady energy boost without the post-drink crash. The #58 is antioxidant rich, energy building, and mood boosting. I enjoyed this over ice for a Friday afternoon treat! 

The newest juice I tried is the #25: lemon, cucumber, rosemary, raw agave and activated charcoal with alkaline water. Activated charcoal is having a bit of a moment with it’s detoxifying properties, popping up in everything from beauty  products to food. This lemonade-like blend uses the addition of charcoal to support a drink that is rehydrating, yes, detoxifying!, and nutrient electrolyte rich. I love lemonade when it’s fresh and tart, not too sweet. This drink is just the ticket for being refreshing while providing great health benefits! 

O + A is constantly tweaking it’s recipes/bringing in new seasonal favorites and retiring others. This stays true to the brand’s devotion to seasonal produce and organic local farmers. The blends I have tried vary slightly from the ingredients currently listed on the website, since what is in season dictates what is in the juice blend! 

Read all about Owen + Alchemy here, and be sure to check out their stand on the first floor of Eataly! I’m looking forward to visiting their shop in Logan Square and mustering up the courage to try one of their juice cleanses! 

Note: I purchased all of the aforementioned juices and the opinions are 100% my own : ) 

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