Hi! It’s not a dream; I’m posting something new on this space!

Where have I been on the blog these last couple of months? I’ve been….around. Despite talking about why I blog and sporadic fall recipe posts here and here, things on Sage & Serendipity have been quite inconsistent.

What can I say? It’s not that I haven’t been doing anything; the opposite! I traveled this summer and had a fair share of work trips too. Speaking of work, like everybody I’ve just been busy. And truthfully blogging really has fallen off my radar. I’ve been uninspired with my site and grappling for new content ideas.

But probably the biggest reason I’ve been quiet on the blog front is because of some big news for me: I’m moving!

Temporarily; for six months to be exact. I’m packing up and heading across the pond to jolly ol’ London for work in two weeks! I’ve been slowly telling people over the summer (from my friends to my fitness studio all the way to my hair stylist) and now I’m sharing it here!

So what has prompted this move? When I was in school I spend a semester studying in London (sometimes I get nostalgic and blog about it). It sounds super corny but those few months really changed me. I made it a personal goal to somehow get back to London in the future and work there at a point in my professional career.

Fast-forward a couple of years to my full time job as an auditor. When I interviewed with my company it was a huge addition to the pro column that we are an international firm. Sure some companies have international offices, but we frequently work with our international colleagues and have individuals coming into the US from other offices. On the flip side, we also send individuals abroad for short periods of time on what we call “secondments”. That’s a European term basically meaning the temporary transfer to another job or post within the same organization.

For lots of reasons this has been quite the process. I started working with my HR team TWO YEARS ago to make this happen and I cannot believe it’s finally here!

Things right now are a bit of blur with packing, wrapping up my work on the US end and making sure everything is set for being out of the country for six months. Saying that I am excited is such an understatement; I’m also nervous and anxious and….ready. I’ve been dreaming about this for ages and it’s thrilling that the time has finally come!

I’m also really looking forward to sharing all of my adventures on Sage & Serendipity!

London, here I come!

Lots of love, Logan 

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