Spirit Animals and Goodbyes

Happy Saturday! It’s been an odd weekend; I took a personal day off yesterday to pack for my move and now I’m all sorts of messed up in terms of what day it is! That being said, three day weekends rock. I got all my packing done (!) and didn’t have a meltdown about fitting everything in my suitcases (double !!). I’m a somewhat reformed horrible packer (thank you work trips and necessary carry on only luggage) and had visions of sobbing amongst a pile of clothes. Luckily everything worked out and I am ready for my departure next Friday!

This has been a week of goodbyes. I’m spending my last week in the US out of town at a client, so I’ve been soaking in Chicago and seeing friends left and right. I also had a wonderful send off lunch with my boss on Thursday. It’s been surreal to feel so conflicted over leaving; I know these six months are going to fly by and in the grand scheme of things it’s not a very long time. But I’ve been kind of overwhelmed how sad it’s been to prepare to be leave the Chicago life that I have built. 

Wednesday morning I met Steph for a breakfast donut date at Do-Rite. This HAS to become a tradition when I get back from London; old fashioned donuts and coffee were the perfect hump day treat. Plus the company wasn’t half bad ; ). 

On Thursday I went to dinner at Pizza East with the majority of my Siren book club besties (missed you Lindsey)! Over delicious food we laughed and discussed everything from spirit animals to a moose stuck in a tree. Some of my Sirens are coming to visit London at the end of December which is going to be epic. Love you baes! 

I got to go to Ballerina Fight Club last night, one of the toughest but totes rewarding classes at my studio, with my favorite instructor! Afterwards I met up with a few of my MaZinistas for the annual showcase the dance group puts on. It was so inspiring to watch the dedication and passion from the group as they performed pieces they had put so much effort into over the last several months to learn. It makes me miss my dancing days and gives me motivation to put just that much more into my dance cardio classes. 

That being said, today is my last dance cardio class before I leave for London. What started as a casual workout thanks to Groupon has become such a part of my daily life and it’s really tough to say goodbye even for such a short period of time! The studio is full of wonderful instructors and dancers that inspire me every time I go for class and I have amazing friends thanks to Mazi. I am going to miss my studio so much; one of the first things I packed was my Mazi Fight Club shirt so I can carry my Mazi Tribe with me to London for the next six months! 

I recently decided to try and get into the Snapchat app more! I previously wrote it off as silly, but am loving the “Stories” feature. Find me at loganmer and let me know your user name; I’ll add you!

That’s it from me for now. Enjoy this weekend!


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