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Hello all! Well I’m off to London today! Please bear with me as I get settled (and seek out installing internet in my flat) over the next few days. I seriously cannot wait to start posting London life updates and exploring the city! So for now, I wanted to put up a quick post on where things are headed with Sage & Serendipity over these coming months.

London trip; 2013 London trip; 2013

Since starting my blog back at the end of 2013, I’ve struggled a lot with my branding and what exactly being a “lifestyle blog” means. Really it’s just an excuse to blog about whatever the heck you feel like at the time! It’s a nice way to explore different types of posts, but can leave you feeling scattered and wondering where to draw the line between blogging about your life and keeping things to yourself.

London Trip: 2010 London Trip: 2010

With my move to London I’m refocusing the content here to be specific to my experiences abroad, I guess moving more towards being a travel blog? I’m hoping to use this space to talk about what I’m up to; like an online diary. I want to show the trips I take and what my British life looks like for these six months, and still talk about restaurants and different places around town. It’ll just be a different town!

With that you’ll note I’ve dropped the “Chicagoan” from my subtitle. I’ve also put up a new city silhouette to reflect my temporary new home town. Stay tuned for some slight changes up top with the categories bar, as I post more and more London life specific content. If there is anything you’d love to see, whether it be posts on expat life to travel tips to…anything, please let me know! 

Lots of Love, Logan

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