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In a decision fueled by jet lag and a bank of Marriott points, I stayed at a hotel on my first night in London. After a crummy first day I needed a good night of sleep and because I made a reservation so late in the day I was upgraded to a suite! I quickly realized this would make a great blog post, so I snapped a few pictures of how nice this hotel is for guests! 

The Threadneedles hotel is tucked away on a quiet street close by the Bank tube stop. The entrance is grand, but not showy and I actually walked past it at first! 

The lobby is serene and very very classy. I felt a bit of a mess in my glasses and frizzy hair from the humidity outside as I checked in.

Walking into my room was such a delight; warm neutral tones, plush linens and a waterfall shower. 

Across the street is Burger and Lobster, an old favorite of mine from my 2013 trip to London. Closeby are tons of shops, Leadenhall Market (where parts of the first Harry Potter were filmed as Diagon Alley), and the Bank tube stop which connects to a multitude of lines. 

This is an excellent oasis from the hustle and bustle of London while still being conveniently located. Find Threadneedles via the Marriott website here and their separate website here. Threadneedles is located at 5 Threadneedle Street, London. 

Note: As stated above, I stayed at the Threadneedles Hotel on my own dime (well, my own Marriott points)-opinions are purely mine! 

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