Fortnum and Mason at Somerset House

Somerset House is one of my favorite spots in London. It isn’t at the top of the list for tourists in London, meaning it’s not TOO crazy busy.  The Courtauld Gallery is located here and home to an impressive array of Impressionist paintings. I love suggesting it as a potentially un-thought of stop for visitors to London.

In the summer fountains are abundant in the courtyard, but come winter a winter wonderland appears!

A coworker tipped me off to the Fortnum & Mason pop up shop at Somerset House. F&M is a renowned British department store and offers the most luxurious in teas, jams and sweets.  There is also a teashop at its headquarters in Piccadilly.

I went to Somerset House on a Thursday night and was rewarded with a very quiet atmosphere in the shop. It was a treat to take my time browsing (and shopping)! I also returned to Somerset House with work for our department’s Christmas party last week to ice skate!

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