Best Books Read in 2015

Another year, another set of best books! Something I have really enjoyed after 2013 and 2014 was recounting my favorite books I read during the year. They might not be bestsellers or even necessarily books you have heard of, but these are the tales that stayed with me and I would absolutely recommend.

A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

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Hands down the best book I read this year. I have never simultaneously laughed and cried so much while reading something. I’ll be reading this again and again. Amazing.

The Paper Magician by Charlie Holmberg

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The Paper Magician and its two sequels were books I wanted to read for a long time. I finally got around to it and loved them!

Happiness for Beginners by Katherine Center

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Recommended by one of my besties and simply amazing.

Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith

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J.K. Rowling, sorry Robert Galbraith, does it again! The Cormoran Strike series is fantastic and this could be the best so far. I’m already eagerly awaiting the next story.

The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan

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I have serious Royals obsession and this book was just a frothy dream to read.

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As a foodie and someone who appreciates a good meal in a restaurant, this was a fascinating read about what takes place behind the scenes in the kitchen.

Mean Streak by Sandra Brown

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A thrilling and unique story.

Holy Cow by David Duchovny

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Hilarious. This is a very quick read (I finished in just two hours) and had me laughing the whole time.

The Martian by Andy Weir

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I was a bit nervous to read this because I was worried I wasn’t smart enough to understand the science going on. But I absolutely loved this book and found myself laughing out loud constantly while reading.

The Masque of a Murderer by Susanna Calkins

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The next Lucy Campion tale! I first mentioned these books last year. A great mystery series set in London with a strong female lead!

The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling ***

Photo Credit No, I didn’t read Harry Potter for the first time this year! Please. I actually did an ‘official’ re-read with one of my sorority sisters and it was wonderful to re-visit the books. Honestly just some of the best books ever. As a London keepsake I have started to collect the new UK covers, pictured here!

Here’s to another wonderful year of books!

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