Borough Market

I’ve wanted to visit Borough Market for years. It really sounds like something just up my alley: a food market with care towards the quality and sourcing of its product.  I finally made it there a few weeks ago with my friends Gail and Matt and I was not disappointed!

The entire affair is quite overwhelming in the best way possible; stall after stall of fresh produce, cheeses, sweets, meats and seafood. There are yummies to enjoy while you shop and items to stock up on for home. It really is an amazing stop for visitors and locals! 

One of my favorite stalls is Spice Mountain. It reminds me of The Spice House back in Chicago with its enormous selection. I picked up a few goodies including lemon salt, smoked paprika and Ceylon cinnamon.

The three of us stopped at the Brindisa stall for chorizo sandwiches and man oh man they were delicious!   

We wandered and chatted, stopping for samples at each twist and turn. We also picked up donuts for a sweet treat. 

Borough Market is located near London Bridge and is closed on Sundays. Check out their website here for all the details! 

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