January in London

I cannot believe we are almost one month into 2016! I’m throwing together a little London life update from January. Because work is crazy and I’m going on a whirlwind holiday this upcoming weekend, the blog is going to be a bit quiet for a few weeks!

A few of my bestest friends came to visit and I’ll be bouncing back to all the shenanigans we got up to with posts to come.

Work….has been consuming my time and thoughts. Its called busy season for a reason! Selfies and relaxing on the weekends as much as possible is the best I can do for right now to stay sane. And binging on Downton Abbey. I took a little hiatus from watching but am full force (I might have watched four episodes this past weekend…).

I did try two new food spots over the last few weeks. The Duck & Rice, where your food is served with the most addictive chili sauce and the venison puffs are to die for.

Namesake.  Namesake. 

Crosstown Donuts, the closest I have found so far to a respectable donut in this town! 

Also it’s my elementary school’s fiftieth anniversary this year! So here’s a picture of me in first grade on Halloween : ) 

Here’s to February! 

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