Hello February!

I KNOW. Two weeks ago I was all “heading to Paris but I’ll be back with posts”. And I have failed. I have sooooo much to post from my adventures with Meg and Steph just no motivation to blog on my down time. For now please make due with a London life update from the start of February!

As mentioned, I was in Paris last weekend! Post to come (promise) though I will say it was amazing. Slash a real parade of hats for me.

This past week was weird. I had salad for breakfast two days. I tried three new recipes; I flopped on one, didn’t like one and goofed a bit on the last with still delicious results (baking in a different metric is hard). I had major insomnia most nights and Sunday morning I went for a run-who am I?

Saturday we celebrated Gail’s birthday at Chick’n’Sours! I went with the tenders (served with a sriracha sauce), pickled watermelon salad and their house sour cocktail. 

Also the most hipster bill served EVER; it came to the table in an egg. 

This past week I also read like my life depended on it; book club was Sunday and our read was ‘The Lake House’ by Kate Morton. Great book but very long! 

I’m looking forward to this week-trying new recipes and seeing Les Miserables with Tracy! Have a wonderful week!!

xoxo, Logan 

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