Goodbye, 2015!

I had the best gift to say goodbye to 2015 and start off 2016; my friends came to visit!!! On the 30th Meg and Steph arrived and I honestly count it as one of my happiest moments. To be able to share this amazing city with some of my best friends…what a memory. 

After a brief respite at my flat we ventured out to play tourist (WHAT troopers despite the jet lag)! Our first stop was St. Martins in the Fields to try our hand at brass rubbing.

I am not artistic and was convinced I would muck it up but mine turning out pretty good! This is a really fun and very unique activity, not to mention a very cool souvenir. 

Next we visited The Clarence Pub (per a recommendation from the Aspiring Kennedy blog). It’s a great spot when you are out and about as a tourist but want something authentically British.

I was so thrilled to have Meg and Steph here I forgot to take pictures of the food! We cheered to a fantastic trip and tucked into fish and chips, haddock and prawn pie, and mushroom and chestnut Wellington. 

We ended the night with a rainy trip on the London Eye.

I seem to have not the best luck with weather when it comes to the London Eye; the last time I was on in 2007 it was a very grey day! There’s a reason it’s a huge tourist spot; the views of the city are fantastic.

Steph had a bit of alone time in her hood at the top of the Eye to protest the great heights we were reaching. Meg and I were very supportive by taking pictures and discussing all the catastrophes that could occur. 

We spotted the NYE countdown being practiced, and couldn’t believe we were in the same spot that 24 hours later this would be happening!

It was a phenomenal first day in London with two of my best friends. 

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