About Last Sunday….

The best days really are the ones that you don’t know are going to be so great. On Sunday I had a lazy wake up, went for a quick run then set out to try and check off a few to dos from my giant London list.

I had debated trying a few restaurants for lunch but ended up at 26 Grains. I stumbled upon their Instagram feed early into my secondment in London but hadn’t had a chance to stop by until now. Who knows what I was waiting for as this place is ah-MAAA-zing!

26 Grains serves up bowls of deliciousness, aka grain bowls. They serve both sweet and savory porridge as well as smoothies, coffee and tea. Two HUGE pluses: they offer almond milk and have matcha lattes!! So it should be no surprise I ordered a matcha latte, with almond milk and oh my goodness. SO good.

I also decided on the savory porridge with avocado, kale, egg and hot sauce. I mean….come on! File this under ‘things that Logan is obsessed with and could eat everyday’. What a soul-pleasing meal!

26 Grains is tucked away at 2 Neal’s Court in Covent Garden. It’s a quaint space with a smattering of tables and jugs of cucumber and lemon water on the table. When I arrived I sat at the end of a table with two girls. I overheard American accents but didn’t want to butt into their conversation so I carried on reading as I ate. About halfway through the two girls left and two people grabbed the available space while their companion waited to order at the till. I shuffled my things to free up a seat for their group of three and both were super nice, the guy joking about having company at the table and the tininess of the seats (seriously, they are tiny stools!). Finishing up my food I started to sip my latte when I overheard the girl say “I write a blog called Fit for Broadway….”

Hold. The. Phone.

I looked up from my book and said “I am so sorry to interrupt but I read your blog and love it.”

Cue meeting Jane of Fit for Broadway!!!!

I absolutely love Jane’s blog.  I’ve been reading it for maybe a year and in every post Jane is so inspiring with her focus on heath, not to mention her fabulous interviews with Broadway actors! I had seen on my Instagram feed that Jane was in London, but seriously what are the chances of running into her?!?

Jane is just as amazing in person as she is in her posts! We chatted about her time in London and upcoming blog profiles: she was joined by Antony Hewitt who will be understudying the role of Aladdin in the upcoming West End production and Abiola Ogunbiyi, who was recently see in London’s cast of Book of Mormon.

As such a theatre fan I was really just blown away to be sitting in a café in London talking with them! Jane will be holding some events during her time here and I really hope to attend!

At that point I had finished off my latte and wanted to let Jane, Antony and Abiola get on with their chat so I headed out, feeling very starstruck!

As I was walking to do some shopping near Piccadilly I passed Crosstown Donuts and I decided to pick up a little something for breakfast the next day. As I was paying I told the girl that I’m from Chicago where we have amazing donuts but Crosstown is so delicious. Turns out she lived in Chicago for six years! We talked about the Chicago greats: Do-Rite, Stan’s and Glazed and Infused. What a small world! It sounds silly but it was really fun to chat with someone who knows your hometown. 

Talk about a wonderfully serendipitous experience for a Sunday that started off just like any other day! 

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