The Making of Harry Potter: Part 1


Outside of London, Warner Bros. studios has created the mother of all Harry Potter must sees; ‘The Making of Harry Potter’ studio tour. It is set adjacent from where all the Harry Potter movies were filmed and showcases the plethora of sets, costumes and props. It’s interactive and bursting with insider facts from the filming. As three superfans of HP we just had to visit!

I’ve been really excited about this post but somewhat daunted by the volume of pictures I took during our tour! Literally everywhere you look is begging for a photo op to remember the experience. Do you think I am exaggerating? The snap below is from the cafeteria. 

Well we just HAD to get a picture with our favorite trio!

Tickets are sold via a timed entry which allows a bit of crowd control up front. Though it’s best to show up around your ticket time, it’s not the end all be all as there is still a queue prior to entering. We were early but told it was just fine to get in line. Which meant the HP fun could start sooner!!

After a little intro video from Dan, Rupert and Emma you get to enter the Great Hall!

Since we visited on the 31 December we got to enjoy Hogwarts all decked out for the holidays!

The Ravenclaw table, aka my house table (Pottermore told me I was a Ravenclaw and obviously this is accurate. Plus I love wearing blue!)

One of my favorite parts of the tour are all the costumes from the films. Look at itty bitty Harry’s first Hogwarts robes below on the left!

After the Great Hall you enter a huge room with a ton of settings from the films. The rest of the tour is self guided in that you are on your own timetable. You can spend as much time as you want, which is fab as there is so much to look at and learn!

I wore my maroon jumper just for Ron : )

There really is so much information during the tour. One highlight for me was the profiles on all of the animal actors!

To be continued!

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