The Making of Harry Potter: Part 2

Where were we??

Now I actually visited the studios back in 2013. It’s amazing to see how much has been changed/added since my last trip. Since the tour opened in 2012 at the time things were relatively new. Now you can see many little tweaks which bring the experience to the next level. Videos on the shuttle bus, an enclosed eating area in the middle of the tour, not to mention new additions. The latest? Platform 9 3/4!

We stopped for a bite for lunch…and a butterbeer!

Afterwards we headed out between the two studio lots, one of my fave spots in the tour!

The next area focuses on many of the animated props, replicas and models. And I spotted Luna’s amazing hat!

A stroll down Gringotts…..

….and a spotting of cheeky Gilderoy in the window!

There are breathtaking paper models of many of the iconic sets.

And the piece de resistance: a scale model of Hogwarts Castle!

What a day. This is for sure a must for any Harry Potter fan’s bucket list.

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour is located in Leavesden. Tickets should be booked in advance via the website and make sure to plan your journey ahead of time! 

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