Meg and Steph’s visit was top to bottom fantastic. That being said, if I had to pick a favorite day I think it would be our visit to Bath.

Bath is located in Southeast England and is about a two hour train ride from London. Between the time and the price of the journey (30 pounds when we visited) I wouldn’t say it makes the cut of your average one week trip to London…..but perhaps it should! Bath is home to the famed Roman Baths built around a natural hot spring, very recently recognized as a national monument, though there are loads of other things in town which make your visit worth the trek!

We started off our day at the Bath Fashion Museum. I LOVED this place!

The museum is currently featuring a ‘Behind the Scenes’ exhibit which showcases the fashion from the 1800’s through to the mid-1900’s. I loved observing how the fashions changed and picking my favorites amongst all the dresses!

The museum also features more current fashion pieces. I fell in love with this Alexander McQueen…..

…this glamorous piece by Peter Russell…

…but I loved this cocktail dress from Hardy Amies most of all!

Another highlight of the museum was the ‘Dressing Up’ exhibit with replica Victorian attire to try on! First, a corset and crinoline!

I think I would have fit right in!

For lunch we went to The Raven Pub which specializes in pies!

The raven ale pie with beef, onion, carrot, raven ale and raven ale/red onion gravy. Chips on the side.

The heidi pie with goat’s cheese, sweet potato, spinach, red onion and roasted garlic and red wine/thyme gravy. Mustard mash on the side.

The fungi chicken pie with chicken, chestnut and field mushrooms and sage/onion gravy. Chips on the side.

The chicken pie was hands down my favorite but they were all delicious! I recommend trying to dine at an off time; we managed to beat the crowds by sheer luck but this place can get very busy!

With full tummies we set off for the Roman Baths. Visitors are provided a self guided audio tour. There is a generic tour, a children’s tour and one from Bill Bryson. Each offer great insight. I personally felt a little overwhelmed with the amount of audio so I picked and chose when to listen and when to just observe.

One of the most fascinating things about the Roman Baths are, despite being so old, they were only discovered in 1978!

Despite multiple signs advising not to, of course I touched the water. Just had to make sure it was actually warm : )

You can also sample the water. It’s….interesting. Not bad but not something I’d want a huge glass of to drink!

Overlooking the Roman Baths hot springs is The Pump Room Restaurant. We stopped in for afternoon tea before our train back to London!

The tea was enjoyable. I loved the scones and the sandwiches were unique (including a poached salmon ‘shot’ to have over little bread crisps!). The desserts were forgettable in my opinion.

Visitors can enjoy live music being played in the dining room which really adds to the fancy afternoon tea vibe!

Bath Abbey looked absolutely lovely all lit up at night (actually this was probably around 5pm; seriously I don’t miss those short days of sunlight!)

I would absolutely return to Bath one day, preferably in the warmer months to enjoy walking around and visiting the Royal Victoria Park.

Trains run fairly frequently between London Paddington station and Bath Spa. The city centre is about a 15 minute walk from the station, and the Fashion Museum another 10 minutes away. Plan for a full day as we did, or make it a weekend!

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